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It is obvious to dream as “Universal and Quality Education for All” to create enlighten people around the world with unleashing theirlatent talent and, active and creative minds. The basic notion is that the education is the Backbone of a Nation. Education creates educated mind of people to be enlightened. Moreover, it helps to know thyself to be a civilized human for identification of the difference between good and bad. An educated and enlightened people can spread the light of education, just as one candle flames light to another and then another and it goes on until it finally removes darkness of the society. Education empowers the people to be aware on about of their rights, dignity, respect and much more. We are working with students and academics of different educational institutions on universal and quality education, and hunting ideas for its implications to empower people. Let's see what the possibilities are.




  1. Foster education and empowerment for all.
  2. Promote universal and quality education for all.
  3. Inspiring inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.

Give emphasis to the total development of each child as moral, intellectual, social, emotional, physical and spiritual.

What We Believe


We ensure active participation of young people in action of peaceful world for all.


We create and demand equal value and rights for all young people around the world.


We ensure value and nurture for young leadership, creating them today for tomorrow’s leader for a better future.


We value and respect recognition of young people's achievements, publicly valuing them as part of our society.


We provide positive and inspiring programs that make a difference, now and in the future for young people

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